July 29, 2015

When summer arrives, our clothes are more and more simple and fresh and transparent!! That’s why we need to find the perfect bra that fits our clothes. We can’t deny ourself the pleasure of wearing low-cut dresses so you will surely love this post. The bra has always divided women’s world: we love it because it gives a shape at our silhouette but we hate it because, let’s say that, it isn’t really comfortable right?! I want to show you how to find the perfect one for your dresses or tops!! I think that the most simple way is to combine a black bra under a white and transparent top, don’tt you think? The result is sexy but not vulgar.









If you are in a more sporty mood, you can choose a sporty bra under your playsuit or as a top to do some training. There are also a lot of strapeless dresses that you have to wear in summer so here it is the strapeless bra!!! You can also play with the colors and match the bra with your clothes, using it as a part of the entire look!!







Sara Desiderio