Early Ideas Of What We’ll See At BHMFW

At the end of September, we finally received specific information regarding when and where Birmingham Fashion Week will be taking place this coming spring. The showcase for Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion week will be taking place from 28 February through 1 March of this coming year, and will be located exclusively at the Birmingham City Banqueting Suite, with, as always, an inspired collection of designer collections on display. And of course, the nature of the event is to showcase brand new styles and collections for the coming year, so to a large extent we’ll just have to wait and see what’s on display!


However, it’s always fun looking ahead when it comes to fashion – taking educated guesses at the coming trends and stylistic innovations. So here are a few trends that, for various reasons, we might expect to see in some manner or other at Birmingham International Fashion Week in a few months.


50’s Inspired Fashion

This is one we haven’t seen too much of in recent years, yet the 50’s are undeniably full of high fashion looks that people love recycling now and then. WeConnectFashion notes 50’s-inspired looks in a forecast for Autumn/Winter 2014 womenswear, specifically noting Prada as one designer to watch for. The forecast also notes large, full skirts, boxy jackets, vaguely “futuristic” (as of the 50’s) attire, and men’s fabrics as specific aspects of the potential trend.


Sleepy Fashion

In the limited glimpses we’ve gotten thus far of Autumn/Winter 2014 fashions, one of the most unique is the idea of sleep and pajama-influenced outfits. Naturally, these outfits are warm and cozy, which certainly goes with the season, but the loose-fitting and casual styles we’ve seen from the likes of Marc Jacobs will certainly be eye-catching for AW fashion.


Facial Emphasis

Of course, any runway show is always full of vibrant, noticeable makeup, so this is something we’re sure to see at Birmingham. However, this Autumn/Winter season, there’s been a clear lack of specific trends and emphasis on makeup, hairstyle and facial fashion in general – so an emphasis on these aspects of style for next year’s AW season might be something to expect. At any rate, it’s always nice to be prepared, particularly if you don’t normally tend toward makeup, or if you have a complication such as a skin condition or contact lenses. Makeup trends can be tricky for a lot of people, but some preparation is certainly possible. Acuvue offers some helpful guides for wearing makeup with contacts, and of course there are various hypoallergenic products you can purchase to benefit your skin and nullify any potential reactions. But the bottom line is, whether it’s pairing maekup with lenses, finding the right product for your skin, o r simply keeping an eye out for trends, it would seem quite likely that the next Autumn/Winter season will focus heavily on makeup and facial beauty!


Of course, these are only a few vague trend ideas – but given what we’re seeing this year, and the few early glimpses we’ve gotten of AW 14 collections, it seems likely that these styles and ideas could pop up in Birmingham in a few months. But for the full array of collections, stay tuned on the show itself!