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BACKGROUND: Zintrise Altovise is a daughter of a seamstress and a designer who started sewing at the age of 5. By the age of 13 she created he first party dress and has designed numerous one of a kind garments for formal, wedding, and stage performances.  Known for her personal style, Zintrise believes that one’s physical style should be a reflecting of strength, beauty, and self-confidence. She takes pleasure in helping people reach their full “glory” potential by pointing out that true beauty starts from the inside and it translated out. She takes her passion a step further by offering personal shopping, closet editing, and style consultations for any event from weddings to everyday casual wear.

Zintrise has also worked with various nonprofits over the past 20 years. She began working with other youth at the young age of 10 with her late father Rev. Zilton Lawson. At 14 she started teaching fine art classes on her own and started one of the first community dance teams in her hometown.  By the age of 23 Zintrise was the cofounder of a nonprofit that targeted disadvantaged youth and received Congressional Recognition for her work within the region. She worked closely with FEMA following the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Second Harvest, the Department of Family Services and many other nonprofits in the Greater New Orleans Area in Louisiana. Zintrise has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee and wants to bring all of her talents, experience, and passions together to make a difference through teaching self-perseverance and style.

“I have a theory that once a person feels beautiful on the inside then it can be translated on the outside. I call this the “Glory Style” because it comes from an inner glow!”                          

THE COLLECTION: “Romance and Butterflies” Zintrise Altovise collection is a luxury brand that embodies the classic look of glamour with a modern touch.



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